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Whiskas Dry Junior (2-12 Months) Ocean Fish Flavour With Milk 1.1Kg


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When newly born, kittens need their mother’s milk to provide them nourishment. Mother’s milk supplies DHA and colostrum (which contains growth factors and antibodies) for kittens to grow healthily. As the kittens grow older, they are ready to wean off mother’s milk and start with solid foods. It is important that kittens are provided food formulated to help support their rapid growth and development. Specially formulated kitten food is more nutrient-dense than adult cat food, in order to match kittens’ growing needs. Kittens also have little stomachs, so small amounts of nutrient-dense kitten food are more suitable for your kitten’s stomach to hold.

WHISKAS® Junior provides quality milky kibbles fortified with 41 essential nutrients. Our formulation is now revamped with DHA and colostrum to best provide the nutritional goodness kittens need for a healthy life ahead.

WHISKAS® Junior Features:
> DHA, a nutrient found in mother’s milk to support kittens’ eye and brain development
> Colostrum provides essential nutrients found in mother’s milk
> Complete nutrition for a healthy immune system
> Essential nutrients (including Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D) for healthy growth and strong teeth and bone
> Omega 6 and Zinc for a healthy coat

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